Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Famous NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies - Part III

On Friday for dessert we had these chocolate chip cookies. Did I mention before how good they are?? They are so good when they are warm and the chocolate is melted! I can't decide if I like them more when they are fresh out of the oven or for breakfast the next day. Hey I had non-fat milk with them so that's a healthy breakfast isn't it??

I tried to make them look better this time by putting one of the disks on top and making sure that the other disks were facing the right way. Looks slightly better I think.

Let me tell you they were good. I mean REALLY good. Remember how I said the edges were crispy and the middle was soft when they come out of the oven? Well if you let them sit over night you get a cookie that's soft and chewy. No crispy edges, just soft and chewy goodness. I didn't think that they could get any better than the first time I baked them, but I think that they did get better as they sat in the fridge. I still have a little cookie dough left so I will make the rest tomorrow. I wonder if they will be even better?

If you've been wanting to make these then I highly recommend that you do. They are worth the wait!

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Cakespy said...

DEFINITELY for breakfast! I love cookies for breakfast. I feel like they're probably healthier than muffins. Especially if the NY Times told you to make them. Yup.