Friday, December 12, 2008

TWD: Linzer Sables and My First Award!

I'm a little late with these cookies but since TWD is pretty flexible this month it's not that big of a deal. These cookies are really good. Everyone that tried them agreed too! They are pretty simple to make and don't require too much time. I made and rolled my dough the night before and then cut them and put them together the next day. These were fun to make because I don't make cookies that often that require you to roll them out and use cookie cutters.

In the past week I have made this recipe twice. My boss loved them so much that she asked me to make a batch for her. My very first customer! I was very excited that she wanted me to make them for her. I might have gone a little heavy on the powdered sugar but she said that she loves cookies with powdered sugar plus they look so pretty.

I will definitely be making these cookies again. I like the fact that they have ground almonds in the dough. I used raspberry jam but I didn't remove the seeds like the recipe says. I didn't think that you could really notice the seeds anyways. I also made mine thinner than suggested partly because I didn't really read the directions after making the dough.

I made the sandwich cookies plus I used the cut out pieces to make mini sandwichs. The mini ones are so cute! I like the fact that they are one bite because sometimes you just don't want a big cookie.

If you'd like the recipe go over and visit Dennis at Living the Life.

I've received my very first award! It's so exciting! Thank you Melissa from Love At First Bite! I feel so honored to get this from her because she has such great recipes and pictures.

I'm going to pass award on to Cheryl over at Cooking, Dunkin Style. She has such a great blog and the best lasgana. Her blog is one of the first ones that I discovered and continued to follow.


Pam said...

The linzer cookies look really pretty and delicious. Congrats on your award!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the award Peach! Those cookies look sensational! Too complicated for me tho!

Melissa said...

I love your little heart-shaped mini linzers! They look so easy to pop in your mouth!