Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TWD: Floating Islands..........wasn't in the cards for me

This week's pick was made by Shari of Whisk: a food blog. Go check out her site I'm sure she had better luck than I did. I tried this week, I really did. But my creme anglaise just wasn't having any of it. It tasted really good but it looked like the eggs had curdled so the texture was slightly off. I even strained it but that didn't help.

I suppose that letting it boil didn't really help......I was in a rush and had it at a higher temperature than I probably should have. Live and learn! Since this was such a failure for me I'm not going to post any pictures. But go check out what other bakers have done this week.

I will definitely be back next week. I would never pass up devils food cake!


Cheryl said...

Yeah that recipe looks too complicated for me. Good for you!

MaryBeth said...

Glad to see that you gave it that old school try, but sorry it wasn't quit what you were hoping for.

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Thanks for trying! Better luck next week!

TeaLady said...

They didn't work great for me either. But at least we tried something new.